1. Booking or Entry Forms may be collected from the HFEC Office or downloaded from our website. A booking fee of £10.00, which is non refundable, must be paid at the time of making a booking or entry and the remainder of the cost to be paid within 5 days and prior to the day of the clinic. The organisers reserve the right to cancel a booking if the full fee is not paid within the specified time. Cheque guarantee card details are to be printed on the reverse of all cheques.
2. Cancellations or withdrawals must be made in writing, by letter, email or over the phone 24 hours in advance of the event. The organisers will do their best to fill the place and if they do, any monies paid will be refunded less a £10.00 administration charge will be retained. If they are unable to fill the place fees will be returned only if HFEC does not incur any charges from the instructor. 3. If cancellation is made with 24 hours less notice then no refund will be given. Booking f
3. If cancellation is made with 24 hours less notice then no refund will be given. Booking fees will only be fully refunded at this time on production of doctors or veterinary surgeons certificate and a copy must be sent to HFEC immediately. In such cases a £10.00 administration charge will be retained.
4. The organisers’ reserve the right to change the date, cancel or amend the clinics as they think fit, refuse a booking without stating a reason and their decision is final. Riders will be notified of any changes well in advance.
5. No horse or pony may attend a clinic under the age of four (4) years old
6. All horses must be up to date with vaccinations and have a valid passport.

7. No excessive use of whip or spurs will be tolerated.


A. The organisers or landowners shall not be liable for any claim for loss or damage to competitors, onlookers, or any other person, their property, horses, ponies or other animals, vehicles, equipment or any other item in connection with the clinics, however caused.
B. It is a condition of making a booking or entry that each participant will indemnify the Organiser or Landowners against any accident or loss however caused.


The organisers or landowners have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents, and must obey the lawful instruction of the organiser or landowners,
including their agents, officials and stewards.

a) All horseboxes and trailers are to be parked in the horsebox parking area.
b) Dogs must be kept on leads and not allowed to roam free.

c) A correctly secured riding hat to current British Safety Standard must be worn at all times whilst mounted.

d) Body protectors and crash hats properly secured must be worn by all riders on the cross country course.

e) Children must be properly supervised by an adult at all times.

f) All animals must be kept under control at all times. Any animal not deemed to be under control
may be requested to leave Hurstwood Farm by an authorised person.

g) Your signature on the booking or entry form shall be deemed to be acceptance of the above rules, conditions and health and safety requirements.

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